Summer Camp in China 2020

Summer Camp of Confucius Institute in China 2020 – Registration info

Deadline: 15th May, 2020

Students who have participated in years 2017-19 can register, but can participate in this year’s summer camp only in case somebody of the registered applicants cancells his/her participation suddenly, or cover all expences themselves (Eur 1200).

Participants shall buy flight tickets themselves but the pick-up and drop-off services will ONLY be provided on 18th, July and 31st, July according to the agenda. If arriving and/or departing on other day, participants shall arrange the hotel-airport ransport themselves. This year, there are two summer camps to choose from: one focused on Chinese folk music and the other focused on Chinese martial arts. You can view and download the program of both camps HERE.

The invitation letter from SUIBE and visa to China can only be applied with the international return flight ticket. Please submit the copy/proof of your international flight ticket BEFORE 31st May, 2020.

Participants shall cover the expense of the international flights, travel insurance, visa application fee and preparatory language course fee. During the summer camp, local transportation costs and accommodation in China will be covered by the Chinese partner university. Breakfast is included and there will be a free group lunch or dinner organized by the Chinese partner university every day.

The preparatory language course will take place from May 18 till June 29, once per week, 30 classes in total. It will mainly focus on spoken Chinese, traveling Chinese language and Chinese culture according to the agenda. The course will be delivered by experienced Chinese teachers. The fee of this course for students registered in Confucius Institute is Eur 90 while for non-registered students the fee is Eur 120.

Participants shall be aged between 15 to 60 years (both ages included). Participants who are under the age of 18 shall be accompanied by registered family member/s (meeting all camp requirements). Participants who are above the age of 50 shall provide a health certificate while registering. If interested, please REGISTER BY FILLING IN AND SUBMITTING an ON-LINE APPLICATION FORM here. Please note that in order to submit the application you will need data from your passport.

Please be informed that depending on the situation in China, it is possible that the summer camp will take place in different term or may eventually be cancelled this year.